DROD 3D 2007 1.0

4.52 MB

DROD 3D 2007 1.0

DROD 3D 2007 - A hilarious dungeon game featuring a colorful hero and a host of monsters.
The story stages Beethro, a colorful hero and shrewd swordsman who makes a living by fighting his way down the 25 levels to destroy the monsters that have invaded the underground. With him, the game is easy to learn and you become rapidly an expert in subterranean monster destruction. Deeper you got down the caves and cleverer get the monsters. Beethro and you have to strain muscles and brain to defeat Mother Cockroaches, Serpents, Evil Eyes, Goblins, Wraithwings and other monsters, solve astute enigmas and find your way out of this territory of terror and glory. The capacity of monsters in wrong doing once get boosted when Brains enter the game. Finally it's the king's own son, who forges alliances with the monster and became the master of the underground empire of evil. This game and all protagonists have been redesigned in full 3D to make the atmosphere still more dramatic, but basically you will find the same thrill and entertainment that in the original masterpiece of Erik Hermansen, the genial creator of DROD. Erik is the guy who wanted to write games that his little sister likes to play and really did it.

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Size: 4.52 MB


3 stars

Price: $12.95 to buy

Operating System: Windows System

Publisher/Developer: TLK Games

Release Date: May 18, 2012

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