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Helic 2.5 Free

Helicopter arcade game. Shoot-'em-up action with plenty of adventures...

Tetrizle 1.1 Free

Tetrizle is a logic Tetris-like and puzzle-like game.

Sky Aces 1918 2.4 Free

Sky Aces 1918 is an arcade aviation simulator dedicated to the events of WWI...

Kill Them All 2.5 Free

Fight nasty pirates!

Sky Aces Cold War 2.5 Free

Sky Aces - Cold War is a new simulator of aerial warfare.

Forest Arkanoid 2.7 Free

Arkanoid with a forest motif. Several levels with cool graphics.

World Drawn By Me 2.5 Free

Interesting creatures lived in the world of white light.

Flaming Space 4.2 Free

Classical scroll shooter with the plot

Tanks Start Of The War 2.6 Free

This beautiful game has 2 modes.

Street Karate 2.5 Free

Street Karate is a funny, dynamic street fighting game.